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19 مايو 2016
النوع (الجنس)
Love And Lust With Neighbour Aunty

Hello friends, I am Andrew from Hyderabad this is my first story. I am going to narrate a real story which happened between me and my neighbour aunty.

Coming to the story, I live in a small town in south India. I am 6 feet tall and have an average body. Next to my house, my beautiful aunty, the heroine of the story lives. Her husband is working as a software engineer in the city and so he comes rarely to the house. She has a kid who is of 7 years of age and goes to the school. And my aunty’s name is Priya and she is about 32 years.

Priya is damn hot and sexy woman I have ever seen. Her beauty always amazes me. Most important is her boobs (36 size) and her long hair, which comes down her ass and dances on her ass when she walks. She looks like an angel. Her lips are like rose petals and I always wanted to eat them. More than lust, I really love her and admire her beauty.

Now coming to the story. One day aunty went out to shop for buying some things. After she had to carry some heavy luggage in the heat, she came very tired, fainted and soon had a fever. So my parents asked me to help her in going out and getting groceries for her from then onward. That got me closer to aunty.

So every day, I would be getting her water, milk etc. And her son also became close with me and we both would play games on the laptop. Priya was very happy that I was close to her son. Initially, I didn’t talk much with her due to fear, but day by day, I started talking more.

One day morning, I went to her house with the water can. Her face was glowing and she welcomed me with a smile. I asked her the reason why she was so happy that day. She said her husband came home last night and will be staying for one week. Hearing that, I was dull and came out slowly.

From that day, I didn’t go to her house as she had her husband to help now. But one evening, her husband met me and thanked me for helping his wife and asked if I could help in the future too as he will be leaving soon. I was happy and agreed because I could get to see her daily again and so I told him that I will help for sure.

Next day when I went to her house, she was wearing a beautiful saree and was combing her hair after a bath. She looked like a bride. I couldn’t control my feelings and was staring at her for a long time. She noticed me and asked me what I was looking at? I said, “Nothing aunty, you look so beautiful today. I don’t know how I got the courage to speak to you like that”.

She smiled and said, “Thank you”.

Later uncle also came, he told me to have breakfast. I had breakfast with them and left after that. All those days, I was eagerly waiting for uncle to leave.

Finally, that day came. Uncle was ready to leave and he called me and asked if I could drop him at the railway station. I agreed and went. Aunty was sad and crying, maybe she was missing her husband already.

After dropping uncle, I came to aunty’s house. Her son was playing outside. I went inside and she was in the bedroom still crying. I went near to her and asked, “What happened?’

She said nothing and told me to leave. But I didn’t listen and asked her again why she was crying. She got angry and shouted at me to get lost. I was shocked and went to my house.

The next morning, I didn’t go to her house. But that evening, she saw me and called me. But I ignored her.

After one hour, she came to my house and asked my mom whether I can take them to a movie. My mom asked me to go with them. So I went along with aunty and her son. She tried to talk to me but I always ignored her.

After returning from the theatre, I dropped them and was about to leave but she invited me to her house. I said I had some work but she did not listen and grabbed my hand and took me inside. Her hand touch was amazing and I walked with her into her house, holding her hand.

Later she came with a glass of juice and gave it to me. I was sitting on the sofa and drinking the juice. Aunty came and sat near me and apologized for shouting at me earlier. I said, “It’s ok”. But I asked her why she was crying at that time. She again started crying, she cried so much that her face became red. I tried a lot to console her but she didn’t listen. Then I said, “Aunty, uncle will come soon. I know you miss him so much, but you should not cry like this”.

She looked at me angrily and said, “That bastard will not miss me, he doesn’t love me”. I was shocked to hear that! I didn’t know how to react but asked her what happened. Then she said that uncle was having affair with one of his colleagues and she read all his WhatsApp messages and also saw photos of them kissing. Now I understood why she was crying all these days. Then I said, “Aunty, please relax. We will find a solution, crying is not the answer”.

After that, she calmed a bit and put her head on my shoulders. This made my body shiver, I put my hand around her back and tried to console her. Touching her hand made my dick erect. I was slowly caressing her hand and consoling her.

Now I thought it was the right time to take advantage of the situation. As her head was on my shoulder, I could smell her beautiful hair which smelled awesome. I felt like smelling a whole flower garden. I was touching her hand; it was soft, softer than cotton maybe. She was wearing a saree that time.

I then slowly put my hands on her back, near her waist. It was awesome, she did not respond. Then I slowly pressed on her waist. Aunty suddenly got up and adjusted the saree and asked in a breaking voice, “What are you doing?!”

I was scared like anything but at the same time, I didn’t want to stop. I knew this was the best chance for me and I have to utilize it.

So I also got up and said looking into her eyes, “I love you”.

She was shocked, her face faced turned red with anger. But before she could do or say anything, I quickly went and hugged her tightly. Her boobs crushed onto my chest. I planted kisses on her neck and was pressing her ass. But aunty pushed me with some force and gave two tight slaps! I was shocked but I was not in a mood to leave her.

She asked me to leave or else she will shout. But I again went and hugged her tightly and gave her liplock kiss. She was trying hard get me off from her and was pushing me away. But I was strong and hugged her tightly and was pressing her waist and ass. She stopped pushing me and started crying. But I was continuously pressing her and kissing her.

“Why you are doing this to me?” she asked in a crying voice. I stopped kissing and said, “I love you”.

“Yours is not love, it is lust,” she said. But I told her that I love her from the beginning, but was afraid to tell her.

“But I am married, you can do this to me,” she said. Then I held her head and looked into her eyes and said, “Everything is fair in love and war, your husband cheated you, now you also have the right to do the same”.

Finally, she stopped and bent her head while crying. I thought she was ready now. So I hugged her slowly and she didn’t stop me. Then I lifted her and took her to the bedroom. I threw her on the bed and I quickly became naked and fell on her. I was about to kiss her but she stopped me by closing my mouth with her hand and asked, “Do you really love me?”

I took her hand from my mouth and kept it near my heart and said, “I love you more than anything else and I promise on God”.

This time she smiled and said, “Fuck me, then”. I was so happy to hear that. By the time I went to kiss her, she pushed me and came on my top and said, “Ladies first”, I was overjoyed and was waiting for her action.

She removed her saree and was now in her blouse and petticoat. She took my hard dick in her hand and kissed on top of the dick.

Aunty was looking like an angel, her lovely boobs were struggling to come out from the blouse.

She started giving me a blowjob and got hold of her long hair and wrapped around my hand and started to push her head to suck my dick. She is sucking like a pro. Then I got up and she was on her knees and not leaving my dick. I held her hair tightly and got a good grip. Now I started fucking her mouth.

Soon I was about to cum. Then she released my dick and I cummed on her face and boobs. She licked my cum. Now I pulled her with hair from the bed. She was only in blouse and petticoat. I removed them eagerly and removed her panty and bra also. Now I was stunned to see her amazing beauty and that was the best moment in my life.

I pushed her on the bed and I also fell on her and gave her a strong french kiss. Our tongues were fighting. Then I kissed and licked all over her face and went to her boobs. Those amazing balloons welcomed me. I grabbed them, started pressing hard and sucked and bit them hard. Her boobs became red and she was moaning slowly.

Then I moved to the heaven of her body, her pussy, and caressed with my hands. Her moans became louder and I gave her a tight kiss on her pussy. She almost jumped in the sudden sensation.

I got hold of her soft thighs and pushed her pussy near my mouth and started licking her pussy. She was moaning like hell now. She wrapped her legs around my neck and pushed my head towards my pussy while moaning like, “Ahhhhhh, hmmmm a huh uh hu ah ah ah”.

I shifted my tongue into the inner layers of her pussy and was literally eating her pussy. She couldn’t control and started cumming, her warm juices hit my face. Then she started shouting, “Fuck me, fuck me hard, make me your slut”.

Then I fell on her body, kept all my body weight on her body, took my dick near her pussy and was rubbing at the mouth of her pussy. Aunty kept shouting to her fuck her.

After rubbing on her pussy entrance for a few seconds, I gave a sudden push and she moaned like anything. I closed her mouth with my hand and started fucking like a horse. She hugged me tightly and was responding according to my strokes.

My hand couldn’t stop her moans. I increased the speed and her boobs were jumping up and down. Then I gave her big strokes which sounded, “Thap, thap thap.” I fucked her madly for fifteen minutes and finally cummed inside her pussy.

I fell on her boobs, licking all her sweat. After a few minutes, I took out my dick. She immediately took it and started sucking it like a lollipop. We both slept for half an hour after that, hugging each other.

I wanted to fuck her all night, but my parents may be searching for me. So I dressed up and she went to the bathroom. We spoke for ten minutes and I gave her a french kiss and left her house.

We had sex for many times later when my parents went to the city for various functions. I even stayed in her house for one week and had sex day and night. We acted like wife and husband in that week. If possible I will narrate that story later. Recently she went to Bangalore as her husband wanted them to stay in Bangalore.

Hope you like my story. Please give suggestions and feedback to [email protected]

Any girl or aunt in Hyderabad and Andhra region can message me for any kind of fun. Thank you.

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